Countless visionaries, dreamers, and revolutionaries have come and gone throughout human history, seeking to impact the world with their ideologies, philosophies, and causes. They left their mark—whether devastating to humanity or pivotal in bringing about positive change. Yet, the world remains broken. Confusion and complacency, hatred and violence, bigotry and hypocrisy have become the reality of our today.  Our generation is enamored with self-preservation, at any expense of another.  The search for significance is tried and tired. We have built, clamored, and staggered our way through life, attempting to find anything of real value. What we leave in our path is a wake of remorse and ruin—finding no peace, no resolve and no hope. However, there remains a hope that is steadfast even still, despite the turbulence of the times we live in. The answer lies in Jesus Christ alone. 



What we need in this desperate hour is real, effective, lasting change. As the church of Jesus Christ, we cannot sit idly by while chaos and disorder demand the world's attention.  As mankind searches for a savior in the midst of their sorrow, hope is continually deferred, peace adamantly withheld, and the resolve to know truth is quickly dissolved. There is nothing to hold onto, and there will be no foundation left at all unless urgent, irreversible change takes place.



We need a movement, a revolution, a paradigm shift.  In every culture, every generation, and every arena of life, it is the creativity, passion, and tenacity of the young mind and young heart that drives the vision and purpose of influence.  At the heart of this generational change will be those who dedicate their lives to Jesus Christ and His Kingdom being established on the earth. Those who know nothing of impossibilities because their faith resides in the One for Whom all things are possible. Opposition is simply another opportunity to make the name of their Mighty God great!



The Rally is not simply a phrase. It is a call to action; to revive, to inspire anew, to call into order, to find renewed strength. It is a community of believers who have fully submitted their lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. When the body of Christ comes together for one common goal and rises up in obedience to His Word, His kingdom is established here and now. We, The Rally, desire to see and experience all that God has planned for this generation and have dedicated our lives to this movement. The Rally exists to raise up mature men and women of God, who walk confidently in the fear of the Lord and the love of God. We believe the answer to all of humanity's questions lie in Jesus Christ and His Word, and we have given our lives for this purpose and this movement.

When it comes to The Rally, I am most excited to see people’s lives changed when they hear biblical truth about God, His character, & what that means for them. When talking to individuals about God you can see that the truth of who He is has been manipulated - I believe The Rally will be a place where people will learn sound doctrine, encounter our Father purely, & learn to live righteously before God.
— Caitlin Clausing
I’m most excited about seeing people receive the revelation of who Jesus is and who He says they are! I want to see the lives of the young and old transformed, choosing to live holy and righteous and joining in unity with one another all for the glory of His name!
— Sabrina Rosamilia
I’m excited to see a generation of young adults come alive in such a way that will spread throughout the city and beyond. I’m looking forward to seeing our group grow, not only in numbers, but spiritually and in unity as the church did in the book of Acts.
— Oscar Molina